Breaking Records and Barriers: Robert Marchand

Sara Thompson – M.Sc. in Exercise Science Earlier this year, Robert Marchand made history by setting a new world record for 1-hour track cycling in the 105 and over category. During this prestigious Union Cyclist International (UCI) race, athletes compete against the clock to cover the greatest distance in one hour of cycling. On January

ankle bone

Ankle Sprains Start In The Hip

Ryan Cross – B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist at CBI Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Over the past few weeks I have written about the importance of the hip joint in prevention and recovery of injuries.  In two articles I highlighted how the hip can influence the back and the knee,

Recipe For Setting And Achieving Goals

Catherine O’Brien Control, Competence and Connectedness Many people enter the new year with fitness and health goals. Whether it be to lose weight, go to the gym consistently each week, or run a marathon, the New Year is a time to reset and refocus. We are about a month into 2017…how are your health related

Aerobic Exercise – A Treatment For Schizophrenia

Catherine O’Brien Schizophrenia is a severe and chronic mental disorder that impacts perception, cognition, emotional regulation and thought processes. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms of schizophrenia are often categorized as positive, negative, or cognitive. Positive symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and thought and movement disorders. Negative symptoms include flat affect, reduced feelings

Improve Performance With Mobility Training

Lauren Rubadeau There are several factors in our modern lifestyles that can affect our physical well-being and leave us feeling aged beyond our years. Sitting for extended hours throughout the day at a desk, overall lack of movement, or even repetitive movements that comprise our range of motion can leave our bodies feeling stiff and

Increase Your Immune System Through Exercise

Julia Basso – PhD The immune system is a complicated network of cells, including T cells and B cells, that protects us against a host of diseases.  Like many of our physiological systems, the immune system can be shaped by both positive and negative influences.  For example, chronic stress and depression have been shown to

Muscle Function

Improve Muscle Function: Osteocalcin

Julia Basso – PhD As we age, cognitive decline is a problem that many of us face.  Though pharmacological interventions do not currently exist to help fix this issue, exercise has been shown to improve the way our brains function and therefore how we think and feel.  However, an inherent problem to the “just exercise”

Walk in the Park

Is it as Simple as a Walk in the Park?

Gillian White , BSc, MSc, PhD (candidate) Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto Is it as Simple as a Walk in the Park? Earlier this summer, I ran a trail half marathon. I like running, but the course is challenging with 1600m vertical change so you really need to train well. Unfortunately for me,

Cost of Getting Lean: Is it Worth the Trade-offs

Evan Stevens Based on a talk by Dr. John Berardi at Take Control of Your Health/Wellness – Exercise Nutrition Symposium, University of Western Ontario We all want to look like we fell out of a magazine, ripped abs, tight bottom, toned legs, and so on. But what are we willing to do to get there?

Improving Cognition Through Exercise - Part 2

Exercise and Alzheimer’s Disease

Julia Basso , PhD Affiliation: New York University, Center for Neural Science As we age, many of us experience problems with memory.  In some cases, these issues may progress to Mild Cognitive Impairment or dementia.  Dementia is a disorder characterized by significant cognitive impairment. This impairment occurs most frequently in the areas of learning, memory,

Can exercise really prevent cancer?

Gillian White – BSc, MSc. PhD (C) Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto; Department fo Physiology and Experimental Medicine, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the last decade, it has become increasingly clear how important exercise is for not only general health and fitness but also prevention of chronic and