Forever Fit Science Principles and Values

1. Uniqueness of You – each person’s values and personal context reflect’s their life’s journey. Your physical activity endeavors should be consistent with that journey and it is never too late to learn.

2. Listen to your body and let it be your guide – Learn to listen to your body. How does the physical activity make you feel? Not every activity needs to be a challenge and none should be “painful”.

3. Integrated: To maintain your physical wellbeing try and integrate physical activities into your life. For example: Learning to skip or throwing a ball with your children/grandchildren while you are caregiving is good for both of you. But remember, daily activities – walking to the store, gardening, or choosing to take the stairs are also physical activities.

4. Actionable Knowledge  – There is a great deal of information out there. Some might say it is overload. We try to provide “actionable” physical education knowledge for you and your family.

5. Safety Conscious – Before and while doing an activity be conscious of your safety and that of those around you. That includes checking out the equipment and the “site” where you are doing your activity.

6. Measured – The goal is to find the middle ground between challenge and support in order to pursue a lifetime of practice and play. Leave something for tomorrow.

7. Multigenerational – Seek out physical activities that you can do with friends and families of all ages.

8. Cost conscious – Gym memberships , personal trainers, equipment and even some classes can be expensive. But physical activity doesn’t need to be expensive. Plenty of opportunities at home / at the park/community centers.

9. Remain a Student/Inquire/Experiment – Watch others/ ask questions / try something new. Most folks are happy to explain what they are doing or have a new person join in.

10. Realistic – We are all aging. Can’t stop the march of time. But with a little effort we can continue to enjoy the sense of play all the days of our lives.