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The Impact of Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Exercise and cancer are not two words that are said in the same sentence anywhere near enough – but hopefully that changes soon. Over the last couple of years we have some seen some very interesting research suggesting that integrating exercise into traditional cancer treatments may have some very positive effects on several important outcomes.

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Exercise Research is Underrepresented in Female Athletes

The research coming out of exercise science at the moment is some of the most exciting on the planet. It is where top-level researchers take the time to determine how we can best implement exercise for health, for athletic performance, and for recovery. It is where we can find practically meaningful information that can be

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Opportunity Differences for Male and Females in Sports

Over the last 50 years we have come to the stark realization that when it comes to improving and maintaining health across the lifespan, exercise is key. Within this, we have also concluded that sports offer the perfect medium to get and keep people active.  And obviously, this holds true irrespective of your gender. But


Gender differences in sport injury risk and types of injuries

As good as it is, sports are an undeniably dangerous activity.  I mean, most of us who compete in any type of sport know that to be successful you need to push your body to the absolute limits. You need to train hard on a near-daily basis, and then compete at an intensity few people

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Protocol for Breast Injuries in Female Athletes

The popularity of female sport has been increased at an incredible pace over the last decade. As a result, we have seen increases in funding, the uptake of better-quality coaches, and the introduction of high-level strength and conditioning programs into female sport across the globe. In short, it is a very good thing. However, because


Cardiovascular effects of prolonged exercise

It is well established that cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to improve heart health – but is it possible to do too much? Well, in today’s article that is exactly what we aim to find out.   Does prolonged exercise cause heart disease? It may go against conventional wisdom, but there are

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Breast density, exercise, and breast cancer: What you need to know

Most people know that breast cancer is incredibly common – but what many people fail to realize is that it is also the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide In short, it is one of the biggest health problems facing society today. This is why there has been so much research dedicated to finding practical


What is prehab and why is it important?

If you have spent any time in the realm of health and fitness, then you would have heard the word ‘prehab’ bandied about quite a bit. But what is it, and is it important?   What is prehab? The word prehab is derived from the word ‘prehabilitation’ (which is short for ‘preoperative rehabilitation’), and it

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How to Live Longer: What You Need to Know

Ah, the age-old question: “how to live longer?” Something that has plagued our society since the dawn of time. Seriously, it appears as if we have forever been searching for the fountain of youth. Constantly looking for ways to extend our lifespan, and in doing so spend a few more years on this amazing planet

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Does CrossFit Induce Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Hunter Bennett CrossFit has fast become one of the most popular forms of exercise on the entire planet. And I mean, with the ability to improve every aspect of fitness at the same time, there is a damn good reason as to why. However, did you know that it may not be completely suitable for

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Outrunning Negative Body Image: Body Identity In Female Athletes

Hunter Bennett In the modern day, we are so caught up in appearances. Society places so much emphasis on how we look, rather than how we feel and perform. Really, is it no wonder that body image issues are increasing at an exponential rate? Which is one of the many reasons as to why athletes

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The Autoimmune Athlete

Hunter Bennett Being an elite athlete poses a unique set of challenges that very few people are emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared for. Gruelling training sessions, an incredibly strict diet, and a lifestyle that is dictated entirely by the competitive season. It is a life that many people desire, yet many would also agree is