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Walking After Eating: An Effective Way to Manage Blood Sugar

Over the last few years, Type II diabetes has become one of the biggest health concerns on the planet. Typified by an inability to correctly manage your blood sugar levels, it can have deleterious health effects that increase your risk of numerous diseases, while also shortening your lifespan – making it a major concern across


What Is the Hype About Antinutrients and Are They Harmful?

Ask and they will agree that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods on the planet – and for the most part, they would be right. They are full of vitamins and minerals, contain an abundance of healthy fiber, and as a bonus, they often come with a potent portion of antioxidants. What’s

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The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidant: Glutathione

Over the last couple of years Glutathione has made a bit of splash in the supplement industry, where it has been touted as one of the most powerful products to hit the market in years. But what it is, how does it work, and what does it do? What is Glutathione? Every cell in your

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BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids): What You Need to Know

There are thousands of different supplements available for your consumption – all of which promise the world (many of which, unfortunately, fail to deliver on that promise). One supplement that has become a mainstay in the realm of health and fitness are Branched Chain Amino Acids (or BCAAs for short) – but are they all

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Intermittent Fasting and Running

Intermittent fasting has quickly become one of the most popular dietary strategies of the decade. Over the last few years, it has evolved from a niche topic into something that everyone is doing. And with evidence it can boost health and help promote fat loss, why shouldn’t they? But is it a good fit for

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3 Vitamins to Boost Your Immune System Now

Given the impact that coronavirus is having on our society, I thought it would be a great time to provide some useful information that can have a positive effect on your immune system. And no, I am not talking about some magic ointment or amazing new supplement. I am talking about vitamins. Do vitamins improve

Can Any Amount of Alcohol Be Part of a Clean Lifestyle?

Alcohol has become an integral part of our social structure. It is consumed in celebration, in sadness, and with dinner. It is often viewed as fuel for a fun night out. A social lubricant that can turn even the most awkward of humans into the life of a party in a mere matter of hours.

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Matcha Tea and Exercise Benefits

There are literally thousands of supplements said to improve health and athletic performance – but, more often than not, the most effective options are sitting right under our nose. Which is why matcha tea is so interesting. What is Matcha tea? Matcha tea is a unique type of green tea which is made by taking

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Intermittent Energy Restriction: The Key to Sustainable Weight Loss

As someone who has worked in the health and fitness industry for a long time, I have seen hundreds of people struggle to lose weight and make long-term dietary change. You start out fine, making the right food choices and avoiding junk foods. But then after a few weeks, things start to slip. The hunger

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Can you Afford Cheat Meals?

John Barry Have you ever seen the Instagram feed of The Rock, Dwayne Johnson? I always enjoy the cheat meals he indulges in. These are epic meals! Cookies, pizza, sushi, literally thousands of guilty calories. Is this healthy? Is it really just for show? Obviously he has a team working with him to make sure

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Everything You Need to Know About Creatine

If someone came up and told you about an ‘amazing’ new supplement that can do everything from increase your strength to make you smarter, what would you do? Call them a liar and walk away, right? And to be completely honest, I would probably think the same. Unless, of course, they were talking about creatine.

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How Much Protein Should You Eat?

John Barry How much protein should a person eat? What foods are high in protein? Is that to much food to eat? How can I get more into my diet without increasing my total calorie count to much? These are all questions I have received from my athletes. Of all levels. There are some hard