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Does CrossFit Induce Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Hunter Bennett CrossFit has fast become one of the most popular forms of exercise on the entire planet. And I mean, with the ability to improve every aspect of fitness at the same time, there is a damn good reason as to why. However, did you know that it may not be completely suitable for

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Outrunning Negative Body Image: Body Identity In Female Athletes

Hunter Bennett In the modern day, we are so caught up in appearances. Society places so much emphasis on how we look, rather than how we feel and perform. Really, is it no wonder that body image issues are increasing at an exponential rate? Which is one of the many reasons as to why athletes

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The Autoimmune Athlete

Hunter Bennett Being an elite athlete poses a unique set of challenges that very few people are emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared for. Gruelling training sessions, an incredibly strict diet, and a lifestyle that is dictated entirely by the competitive season. It is a life that many people desire, yet many would also agree is

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How Hydration Affects Short Endurance Performance

Hunter Bennett Staying adequately hydrated has long been considered one of the most important aspects of sports nutrition. This does seem logical if you think about it. We know that the human body is made up of around 70 percent water. We also know that during prolonged periods of dehydration, you will see changes at

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Atrial Fibrillation, Exercise & Health

Hunter Bennett One of the biggest issues we modern society has to deal with is a decline in cardiovascular health and function. To be honest, it is seriously at near epidemic proportions. Within this, the biggest culprit is unquestionably general cardiovascular disease. However, there are several lesser-known cardiovascular issues that are becoming increasingly common –

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Water and Hydration

Hunter Bennett Given that your body is approximately 60 percent water, it stands to reason that it is essential for health. However, few people realize how incredibly important drinking enough water is. Unfortunately, very few people consume enough of it. This lack of consumption can lead to a state of chronic dehydration. Chronic dehydration can

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Menopause and Depression

Hunter Bennett Menopause is considered to be a time of great change. A time where the body undergoes a myriad of physical and physiological alterations – all of which essentially indicates the end of the reproductive cycle as we know it. However (as I am sure you know), menopause can come with a number of

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Endurance Athletes: Why Women Win In The Long Run

Hunter Bennett It is commonly thought that when it comes to athletic endeavors, men have a bit of genetic advantage. Due to their enhanced capacity to build more muscle mass and develop greater amounts of strength, that they somehow have athletic superiority over female athletes. But is this really the case when it comes to


Alzheimer’s Disease- Could Irisin Be the Cure?

Hunter Bennett The one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of most people on this planet is the prospect of losing their mental capacity, such as having Alzheimer’s. To be honest, I am no different. Let’s face it, it’s terrifying. Now, most of you would appreciate that if you don’t actively try and maintain

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Virtual Reality Exercise

Jessica Gillespie-Friesen What if the secret to boosting your performance at the gym was simply wearing a headset? Recent research suggests that virtual reality exercise could reduce the perception of pain and the perceived level of effort and exertion. Virtual Reality Virtual reality (VR) first became popular as a method of gaming in the early

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Do Genes Dictate Your Health?

Hunter Bennett I would put my money on the fact that the vast majority of you reading this article have some sort of interest in health and fitness. In fact, simply because you are actually reading this article, I would go as far as to suggest that your interest in health is greater than that

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Hunter Bennett Becoming fitter, stronger, and more functional is an endeavor that many of us attack with rigor every single day – and I use the word attack very deliberately here because to achieve these things you typically need to be willing to work hard. Or at least that’s what most of us thought… You