Coffee: Fitness Friend or Foe?

Adriane Cook B.S. Kinesiology, Michigan State University Nothing quite unites a country like its love for coffee.  People will stand in unusually quiet lines to purchase it, cram into hobbit-size buildings to enjoy it, and will high-five a stranger once (and not a moment before!) the sweet caffeine nectar touches their lips. So it’s

Sugar – Is It Hurting Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Matt Kiszka Sometimes it seems like sugar is in everything we eat. The obvious culprits for high-sugar content foods are candy, cakes, soft drinks, and desserts, to name a few. But did you know that fruit juices can contain as much (if not more) sugar as a can of Coke? Or that many breads also

How Much Protein Do Women Really Need?

How Much Protein Do Women Really Need?

Lauren Rubadeau How Much Protein Do Women Need Based on their Activity Level? With New Year’s resolutions in full swing and many looking to improve their health in 2017, I am here today to touch on the significance of protein and just how much of it women need to consume based on their activity level.

Drink and Exercise

Drink, Be Merry…and Exercise!

Julia Basso – PhD Most of us engage in a drink or two (or three…) every now and then, and ‘tis the season for a cup of holiday cheer. Unfortunately, the holiday season is “one of the most dangerous times of year for alcohol-related accidents and death,” says Dr. Drew Edwards of 16.6% of

8 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays

Alley Rubadeau 8 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain During the Holidays You made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving teetering on the edge of weight gain.  The hard part is over right?  Not necessarily.  The month of December through the New Year can be challenging to maintain your weight, fight off cravings, and stay on your

Food for Fuel: Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

Forever Fit Science Master Swim Athletes and U.S. Air Force Lieutenants, The Holman Sisters, share an excellent and healthy recipe to keep you feeling good and fueled up! You Might Like:

BHB Supplements

BHB Supplements and Energy

Evan Stevens BHB Supplements and Energy We’ve already heard about low CHO (low carbohydrate) diets and how they can hinder performance. However, the next talk went a little deeper into CHO-fasted states. More specifically how this ketogenic state increased ketone bodies – made from high-fat use. Sourcing Energy Previous studies done on ketogenic states showed

Fat, Carbs, Protein and Recovery. Is There A Silver Bullet?

Evan Stevens The first talk in this session was very similar to the talks that made up the first GSSI nutrition talk. Namely, they explored how the major macronutrients can be used in various amounts to maximize training and promote exercise recovery. The main theme, however, was that we need to account for the individual

Woman picking out vegetables in grocery store

Nutrition Takeaways: Gatorade Sport Science Institute

Evan Stevens The main theme of this session was protein supplementation before bed to improve muscle protein balance and synthesis. We have known for a long time that protein taken a short time after exercise improves muscle protein synthesis. This is the process of repairing and building muscle after it has been stressed during exercise.

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Gene-Based Nutrition: Can It Benefit You?

Evan Stevens Based on a talk by Lisa Cianfrini at Take Control of Your Health/Wellness – Exercise Nutrition Symposium, University of Western Ontario If you have been following my How to Eat series on Fast Twitch Grandma, you’ll be familiar with the concepts that Ms. Cianfrini presented. This personalized approach to health is getting to

Exercise Nutrition Symposium

Evan Stevens This past Saturday, April 2nd, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Take Control of Your Health/Wellness – Exercise Nutrition Symposium hosted by the Alumni Network at the University of Western Ontario and put together by Dr. Pete Lemon, the Director of Western’s Exercise Nutrition . Now in its 11th year, the

7 Delicious Options to Increase Your Omega-3s

Amanda Carney Whether you are an athlete, partake in regular exercise or just want to make sure you are supporting a healthy body, omega-3 fatty acids are an essential nutrient to consider as they support the body in many (many!) beneficial ways. In addition to supporting a healthy heart, balancing cholesterol, supporting brain health, increasing