5 Easy, Heart-Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Amanda Carney – Holistic Nutrition Coach A healthy heart equals a healthy body, and we want you to support your heart health at any chance you get!  With breakfast being considered the most important meal of the day, it is a wonderful opportunity to focus on foods that support a healthy heart and therefore a healthy

Reward Yourself: Post-Workout Vanilla Blueberry Smoothie

Author: Amanda Carney As a health coach, I am constantly receiving questions about what to eat after a workout.  People want to know what the best food combination is, how soon after a workout they should eat, and what the serving size should look like.  And although there are many different perspectives on this, in

Three Health Chia Seed Pudding Recipes For You and Your Family

By: Amanda Carney When you think of pudding, chances are you imagine a decadent sugar-laden dessert that should be enjoyed sparingly. Now imagine a delicious and flavorful pudding that can actually increase your health and is simple to make – Yes, it is possible, and we have the perfect recipes for you! Chia seed pudding

The Importance of Food: How Should I Eat?

Author: Evan Stevens, MSc in Nutritional Science In my previous article, titled “What Should I Eat – Part 1” I introduced the idea that the question of “what” should really be a question of “how.” People’s bodies change and age at different rates, different activities call for different dietary needs, and I left it off with