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Hydration For Hockey Performance

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Ice hockey is a team sport that requires players to have strength, power, anaerobic sprint ability, and endurance successful (Emerson, 2017). The game itself is characterized by intermittent, high-intensity bouts of skating which require players to rapidly accelerate and change their speed and direction continuously while executing a variety of skilled

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Flaxseed Supplementation, Walking, and Hypertension

Hypertension is a chronic condition that can lead to cardiovascular disease or stroke, if not treated properly. As we age (mainly after 40 years), our rate of hypertension will go up. However, engaging in regular physical activity and adopting a healthy diet can help. These non-pharmaceutical strategies are strongly recommended for people at the prehypertension stage,

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How Will Turkey Dinner Impact Your HIIT Workout?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Who doesn’t like to get more health benefits while they are exercising in shorter periods of time? So, thanks to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which helps so many people with a busy schedule to stay fit and healthy. HIIT consisted of short bouts of high-intensity exercise separated with low-intensity exercise for recovery,

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How Fruits & Veggies Counteract Chronic Disease

Evan Stevens The CDC recently released an article detailing how we should start emphasizing the consumption of nutrient-dense foods in our diets over the foods we typically consume in a western diet. This article comes on the heels of the updated statistics that roughly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese. This weight epidemic contributes to

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Protein Intake For Masters Athletes

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP There is robust evidence supporting that master athletes (40 years and over) can benefit the same as younger individuals in response to various type of exercise. These benefits include but not limited to aerobic/aerobic capacity, lean mass (i.e. muscle mass and bone mineral density), strength and power, which can slow down the

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8 Ways to Augment The Oatmeal Breakfast

Amanda Carney Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as it should be – what you choose to eat will determine how you feel throughout the day, and likely, what other food choices you will be making. If you typically enjoy a sugary breakfast, which includes most cold cereals, packaged foods, and

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Is Milk Beneficial for Exercise Recovery?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP The animal source proteins such as milk, containing 80% casein and 20% whey, are considered as high-quality sources. Milk proteins result in greater muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and greater hypertrophy compared to soy proteins as they are absorbed by the intestine at a faster rate (Phillips, & Van Loon, 2011). Protein consumed

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6 Ways To Avoid Hunger That Leads To Overeating

Alyssa Bialowas Dieting and body image in sport can lead to the development of either exceptionally healthy or unhealthy eating patterns in athletes. After an intense workout I can overeat to no bounds with little to no consequences, and when I know I’ve burned enough calories to treat myself, I always do. However, it’s important

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Effect Of Gluten-Free Diet On Endurance Performance

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Non-celiac Athletes Approximately 70% of endurance athletes experience gastrointestinal distress during their event and it is estimated that a gluten-free diet may reduce these negative symptoms (Lis et al., 2015). Lis, Stellingwerf, Shing, Ahuja, & Fell (2015) examined the beliefs, experiences and popularity of a gluten-free diet in 910 athletes that ranged

Exercise Your Gut (Microbiome)

Julia Basso Affiliation: New York University, Center for Neural Science As a neuroscientist who studies the effects of exercise on brain functioning, I am ultimately interested in the connection between the body and brain. At a recent scientific conference on learning and memory, Dr. Monika Fleshner of the Department of Integrative Physiology at the University

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Pump Up Your Performance With Beet Root Juice!

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Annie Vanhatalo PhD (University of Exeter, UK). Beet root juice is currently in the heat of the research limelight due to its potent concentration of a compound called nitrate. Nitrate is a compound found

Health Challenges and Cleanses – A Help or Hinder?

Gillian White – MSc, PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto  Health Challenges and Cleanses – Helping or hindering for your resolutions. A personal account. I will start by saying that I am not the type of person to do cleanses, or really any particular diet for that matter. Generally speaking, I do the eat well as