BJ McHugh, age 85 ran the Honolulu Marathon

Grayson Fertig

The Great Gift of Gullibility

I like the stories that begin

Once Upon a Time….

So many people in my realm like the story that starts with

Researchers have found….

My realm is the world of Health and Fitness

Personal Trainer

That’s it

That’s who I am

That’s all I’ve amounted to

They say that I am a young man full of talent who became a counter of reps.

Long ago I traded the excellence that people saw in me

for a front row seat

to Humanity’s great search for the Fountain of Youth.

Researchers have found

a fair amount

Seekers have found

a fair amount

I like the story of the seeker.

Once upon a time there was a grandmother named BJ McHugh

85 years old

who runs

She says that she is a different type

“I don’t keep records. I don’t wear a watch. I don’t have a heart rate monitor.  I just run by the way I feel.   If I feel good I’ll do it.”

She runs so swiftly and so far that the next person her age is 20 minutes behind her

I believe her

I’m not that interested

in what the mapmakers and the researchers think that they think

I am deceived by BJ, encouraged to

to continue to converse with my body

inspired to ask my body what it wants to do

duped into listening to the answer.

BJ McHugh, age 85 ran the Honolulu Marathon in 5:14 with her son and granddaughter which broke the world record by 20 minutes.

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