5 Benefits of Sleeping Naked: The Scientific Facts

Sleep Naked

Could what you wear to bed make a difference in how you feel in the morning?

According to research, the answer might surprise you.

Although only about 17 percent of the population sleeps in the buff according to one study, more people should probably try it. After all, sleeping naked can make your waking hours better.

Is Sleeping Naked Better for You?

Sleeping without any clothing may seem unusual, but it’s a completely natural state. Plus, it can even save you a bit of money on pajamas, not to mention room in your luggage if you travel!

Although it’s not necessarily better or worse from a purely medical standpoint, plenty of people who prefer sleeping au naturel say it offers them numerous benefits.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Sleeping Naked

What are the biggest pros to slipping under the sheets without anything on?

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Your skin gets breathing room

Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

As the largest organ in your body, your skin spends most of the day confined and constricted. Women wear bras. Men and women wear undergarments covered by more layers of fabrics. Sweat and dirt get trapped and held against the body.

In other words, you’re an incubator for bacteria.

When you take a quick shower before bedtime and crawl under the covers, your skin is healthy and clean. It gets a full eight hours to recuperate. This can be especially important for women who are prone to getting yeast infections due to tight-fitting underwear and men who want to improve their sperm count.


Your body doesn’t have to deal with constrictive clothing

Let’s face it: All those clothes you wear to bed can cause constriction. Think about uncomfortable underwear, elastic waistbands that cut into the midsection, and even tight socks.

When your body experiences circulation problems, you can’t feel as relaxed as you would otherwise. Freeing yourself from clothing at night frees your circulation system, too.

Your body has to warm itself

The ideal sleeping room is anywhere from 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. However, most people keep their bedrooms much warmer at night. Not only are they in pajamas, but they’re covered by sheets and blankets, too.

By removing clothing from the equation, you give your body the chance to use extra calories to stay comfortable by burning brown (bad) fat. This means a bit of an added energy burn overnight, which could result in weight management over time.

Besides, you’ll sleep better because you won’t constantly wake up to take off socks, toss off covers, or remove clothing items.

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You’ll feel more confident

Many people are uncomfortable with their bodies, and sleeping naked can be one outlet to finally put away image issues. After all, when you’re sleeping without clothes on, you’re forced to accept your body the way it is.

As you start to feel better about the way you feel, you can’t help but see a boost in your confidence when you go about your daily routines (clothed, of course.)

You’ll be in a position to de-stress

Life takes a toll on your mental state. Since you’ll probably be sleeping longer and more comfortably without pajamas, you’ll be less sleep deprived. As noted in a research study on sleep deprivation, people who didn’t get quality sleep functioned poorly and were moodier.

Why Else Should You Sleep Naked?

In addition to all those science-based facts for sleeping naked, you may start to see some other advantages to snoozing in your “birthday suit”.

  • You’ll save money on pajamas. Who doesn’t want to save a buck to spend when you’re awake and alert?
  • You’ll improve intimacy between you and your sleeping partner. Skin-on-skin contact is extremely important to developing relationships.
  • You’ll find it easier to sleep during hot summer nights in rooms without proper air conditioning.

Is It Time to Go Full “Commando”?

Still not sure if you’re ready to fully embrace the naked-in-bed lifestyle? Give it a try for a few nights and see how you feel in the morning. Is your libido a little higher? Self-esteem a bit stronger? Mental health improved thanks to a complete night’s sleep?

You may just discover that being naked in bed is the best way to wind up a hard day.

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