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family sick in bedThe following was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Walsh, N. et al. [United Kingdom] and Nieman, D. [United States].

Everyone hates getting sick. It is uncomfortable, it keeps you away from the things you love and it makes training difficult. Thus, it is a priority in and out of competitive seasons to minimize sickness. During my time at the European Sports Science Conference today, Dr. Walsh listed some ways to do just that. 

10 Ways To Boost Immunity

  1. Eat enough. When calories in do not equal calories out, the body is put into a state of stress that is not optimal for fighting infection.
  2. Get your vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet is essential to maintaining good health. Many vitamins and mineral are precursors and cofactors necessary for proper immune functioning.
  3. You need carbs. Carbohydrates should compose more than 50% of your daily calorie count.
  4. Stay fueled during lengthy sessions. You should be consuming around 60 mg of carbs per hours during hard workouts to keep your body energized and able to fight off pathogens.
  5. Protein is important too. It is recommended you get 1.2 – 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight each day.
  6. Momma always said to take your vitamins. To help you hit your recommended vitamins and minerals, a multivitamin or mineral tablet each day can be useful.
  7. Keep your Vitamin D up in the winter. Your body needs sunlight — which the winter decidedly lacks — to synthesize vitamin D. In these dark months take a Vitamin D supplement. We recommend Garden of Life’s Raw D3.
  8. Zinc kills colds. If you do end up getting a cold, 75 mg zinc acetate lozenges can shorten your sickness if you take one per day and catch the cold within 24 hours of its onset.
  9. Stay away from the booze. Binge drinking suppresses your immune system and leaves you vulnerable to pathogenic attack.
  10. Fighting the travel bug. Probiotics can help keep you from getting sick while traveling if you take 1010 live bacteria per day.

Following these guidelines is a great evidence-based approach to reduce your chances of getting sick and keep your body ready to hit the gym.

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