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High-Intensity Interval Training – HIIT Exercises

The benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) have been widely studied. While there has been a lot done to promote longer periods of aerobic work for health, it has only been recently that we’ve seen more studies focus on shorter, more intense sessions.jump rope

One of the main issues with long, continuous exercises is retention; people get bored and the perceived effort tends to be higher than shorter, more intense exercise. As well, people don’t seem to want to commit an hour or more to longer exercise each day.

HIIT Training Workouts

That is where HIIT training comes in. HIIT training workouts consist of short bursts of high-intensity intervals of exercise followed by varying periods of low-intensity active rest, or complete rest. HIIT exercises have been shown to elevate the metabolism turning you into a fat-burning machine.

Some HIIT exercises include sprinting, jump rope, jumping, rowing, body weight exercises and many more. The important part is these are done at a high perceived level of effort.


Achieve Optimal Bone Health With High Intensity Interval Training


Is HIIT Beneficial For Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Gillian White, MSc, Ph.D. (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) RA is an autoimmune disorder resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness of joints and has been previously discussed in blogs here and here. It is caused by chronic inflammation of these joints, ultimately resulting in damage, deformity, and loss

A Win-Win Combination – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 6)

Evan Stevens We’ve seen that HIIT (shorter, highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or rest) and CEE (a continuous bout of exercise without a break interval and can be performed at low, moderate, or high intensities) do basically the same thing, relatively speaking. They both tax our aerobic system, they improve our

Why HIIT Excels – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 3)

Evan Stevens HIIT (shorter, highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or rest) has an advantage in several areas over traditional endurance exercise. The most touted is probably the time efficiency: imagine being able to perform your entire aerobic exercise routine in as little as 20 to 30 minutes, inclusive of

Why Is HIIT Different? – Intervals Vs Endurance (Part 2)

Evan Stevens Why Is HIIT different? Let’s set aside CEE (continuous bout of exercise without a break interval and can be performed at low, moderate, or high intensities) for a minute and just think about HIIT (highly strenuous bursts of activity separated by periods of low intensity or rest). We just discussed the fact that HIIT

Does A Carb Restricted Diet Change HIIT Boost Health Benefits?

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Would carbohydrate restriction diet augment HIIT-induced health benefits? High intensity interval training has received so much attention because of the benefits of health and exercise performance. HIIT is a series of high-intensity exercise bouts interspersed with low-intensity exercise for recovery. In addition, there are several dietary modification approaches such as carb

HIIT Exercises To Prep Your Body For Winter Sports

Alyssa Bialowas As an avid snowboarder and former competitive hockey player, winter sports have always been a significant part of my life. If you’re a big fan of winter sports too, you’re likely aware of the toll they can take on your body, not to mention how important it is to prep your body to

How HIIT Changes Our Body

Evan Stevens Researchers looked at how HIIT (high intensity interval training) changed glucose metabolism in diabetic mice. We have known for a long time that exercise can be used to improve, treat, and prevent all manner of metabolic disease outside of actually curing the disease and the changes are independent of dietary factors. However,

Pickleball: A Competitive & Fun Form of HIIT

Pickleball enthusiasts Lori Tokutomi and Lynn Hyche speak to us at the 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games about their love for Pickleball, a paddle game that is a fast-paced and competitive adaptation of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Watch the video to get tips on how to get into the sport, how to succeed at

HIIT For Hockey Performance

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada The hockey season is kicking into full gear for the pros in the National Hockey League and the Joe’s in the local beer league.  Whether you are an elite athlete or just playing for the after skate festivities, there is always a

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