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Block Training: Change Your Schedule & Get More Out Of HIIT Workouts

Dayton Kelly So you’ve hopped on the High Intensity Training (HIIT) bandwagon and are ready to ride it to big gains and athletic success. But are you doing it properly? While few employing the strategy of HIIT realize this fact, research has been consistently reporting that the way we traditionally incorporate HIIT into our training

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90 Seconds A Day of HIIT Might Be All You Need

Evan Stevens We know that HIIT can be used to improve parameters of health in diseased individuals, but can it work in healthy individuals/a whole population, and if so, how might it work? The first talk of the session examined just that by having individuals perform single leg cycling tests; one leg would perform short,

HIIT- Does Non-Weight Bearing Rowing Do The trick?

Sarah West – PhD, Assistant Professor, Trent University Recently, I contributed a series to the FTG research blog about the importance of maintaining bone health with aging.  Bone loss can lead to Osteoporosis (i.e., thinning of the bones, and an increased risk of having a fracture), which is a very common disease that is associated

Box Jumps

HIIT Is Beneficial For All Ages

Gillian White – MSc, PhD Candidate, Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto The Real Forever Fit Science’s of Canada When I first heard about Forever Fit Science and the concept of what a Forever Fit Science was, the first things I thought of were Patti Campbell and her exercise classes. For the last couple

Alpine Skiing: A Form of HIIT

Evan Stevens This study looked at the applicability of HIIT for use in patients with increased risk of Cardio-respiratory events in cold, winter climates. The researchers wanted to look at how HIIT could be used to improve cardio-respiratory risk (CRR) factors through alpine skiing; an activity common in northern and colder climates where running and

Beta-Alanine For A Competitive Advantage

Evan Stevens The third talk discussed the possible additive benefit of beta-alanine and interval training on cycling time trial performance. Beta-alanine is a precursor (and rate-limiting substrate) to carnosine synthesis. Carnosine is an important dipeptide found in muscle fibers and can act as an antioxidant. This can increase the amount of time a muscle cell

Combat Heart Problems and Diabetes with HIIT

Evan Stevens Exercise can be used to treat (if not cure) type 2 diabetes mellitus. We know from past studies that endurance exercise can increase insulin sensitivity  up to three times it normally is in a diabetic person, as well, strength training seems to improve insulin sensitivity (to a lesser extent mind you). However, if

It’s Never Too Late: The Benefits of High Intensity Exercise for Dementia

Contributed by Fiona Callender, Research Assistant, University of Toronto We are all connected to someone who suffers from one form of dementia or another – whether it is directly or through caregivers, friends or relatives. With incidence rising, and Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia now being the leading cause of disability and death in

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training

RESEARCHERS IN BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA ARE COMBATING DIABETES ONE HILL AT A TIME October 27, 2015 by Sara Thompson and Fiona Callender This summer, Fiona and I travelled to various labs around the world. We targeted exercise physiologists in particular who are the leading researchers in the area of high-intensity exercise in the aging population. We

Generation 100: The Biggest Clinical HIIT Trial in the World!

Fiona Callender and Sara Thompson Sara and I arrived in Norway late in the evening and took a bus to an Airbnb just down the street from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology in Trondheim. We were just settling in when our hosts knocked our door and rushed us outside to see the Northern

Have No Fear, High Intesity Exercise Isn’t That Intense

Contributed by Julianne Barry, PhD Student, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus Two of the reasons that people don’t exercise are “lack of enjoyment” and “lack of time”. Although “lack of time” is the number one stated reason why people don’t exercise, let’s face it, when you enjoy doing

Trigger Motion: Running Terms For Those New to the Game

How HIIT Can Improve Cardiovascular Function

Contributed by Sarah L West, PhD, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Trent University As we have learned through the research pieces highlighted on Fast Twitch Grandma, aging is associated with many physiological changes. One such example is the cardiovascular system, which undergoes many alterations with aging. Vascular function (i.e., how well your blood vessels are working),