Female track athlete training at stadium

African American doing sprint drills on track

An African American athlete runs sprint drills on a stadium track. She is running with a parachute attached to her for resistance training.

Ice hole polar plunge

The Science of Temperature Therapy

The Predictors of Longevity You Need to Care About

The Predictors of Longevity You Need to Care About

Women training together

How Overtraining and Undertraining Impacts Hormonal Health

Yoga warrior pose

12 days of Fitness: 12 Holiday workouts to crush this Christmas

Upper body strength

Upper Body Strength in Post-Menopausal Women

Exercise partners congratulating each other during workout

Exercise After Menopause: What You Need To Know

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Has It Backwards: You Should Train Harder After Menopause

Family outdoors

Stop Taking Loans on Your Health


New Research on How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Now

Athlete working out

Start Small, Think Big: Strength Begins With Small Changes

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