Train Like A Master Baseball Player: Steven Head

Meet Forever Fit Science athlete Steven Head. Steven is a Master Baseball Player and Master Trainer at Sport + Health. He has great workout tips that help him stay “in the game.”

Woman running cold weather

Too Cold To Feel The Burn: Exercising In Cold Weather


Does a high salt diet cause cognitive impairment?


Cardiovascular effects of prolonged exercise


Metabolic Flexibility: The Key to Unlocking your Health


What Your Sweat Says About Your Fitness Health


The Truth About Red Meat Consumption

Woman balancing on sand dune

Exercises For Improved Balance

Man lifting weights

Regaining Homeostasis With Diet & Exercise

woman running on a treadmill

Exercise: Is It Passion Or Addiction?

woman standing on a beach flexing both her arms

Prolonged Fasting for Health & Longevity

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