3 Fitness Shorts By Grayson

3 Fitness Shorts

Grayson Fertig

3 Fitness Shorts

1.  The individual has the best chance at recovery from physical pain if he is willing to reconsider his stance.  I mean this in 2 ways. The first being that he quite literally begins to notice and examine the details of the way he stands.  The second is that he is willing to conceptualize his stance in new and different ways.

2.  Weight lifting is a way that a person can send sensory input to their brain.  Regardless of whether the weight is light or heavy sensory feedback is sent within the body.  How that sensory input travels and even that it travels at all is something that one could build an entire weight lifting routine around.  When I consider weight lifting across the arc of one’s life I can much more clearly see the importance of repetitive actions that create sensory input. Weight lifting could be described as a pathway to understanding one’s own nervous system.

3.  A fun existential activity for anyone interested in physical wellness and it’s myriad of strategies would be to do some entry level reading on the nervous system.  Then turn whatever your physical routines are into opportunities to ponder the nervous system and it’s role in the quality of our movements.  In order to make the connection stick and bring the information from head to heart one might have to go slowly or embrace low-intensity activity. 

3 Fitness Shorts By GraysonThis is because what I’m suggesting will feel like processing some event or sequence of events from the past.  There’s a certain careful attention that is required in order to piece things together accurately.  If you’re output in the chosen activity is near maximum then you’ll likely be overwhelmed to the point where you won’t be able to pick up the subtleties of the nervous system in action.  The headiness of thinking about what one is doing while doing it can create highly enjoyable experiences broadly termed exercise highs. 

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