5 Best Sleep Apps

5 Best Sleep Apps

Are you trying to track your sleep so you can get a better night’s rest? You’re already using apps on your smartphone during your waking hours, so why not add at least one more to improve your sleep cycle and get your circadian rhythm in tune? Download some of the best sleep apps today and

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Sleep Deprived? Try This Type of Exercise.

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Sleep deprivation is becoming more and more prevalent these days and unfortunately can have major health implications. Sleep influences everything from your mood to your weight to the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, and a lack of sleep can result in insulin resistance (De Souza et al. 2017). On top

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3 Ways Sleep Impacts Sports Performance

Alyssa Bialowas The importance of quality sleep for athletes is often underrated. While a major focus is constantly put on physical training and nutrition, sleep takes a backseat. However, sleep is just as important for the overall health of athletes, and can impact sports performance in a very real way. Quality sleep is essential for

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3 Ways Elite Athletes’ Training Affects Sleep & Wake Behaviors

Alyssa Bialowas Elite athletes undertake extensive training and physical demands. This can affect their daily life, including their sleep patterns and behaviors. Australian Rules football, rugby union and soccer are three of the most popular football codes played in Australia. Each sport has various demands on players due to the physical contact, types of movement

Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

Do Female Athletes Need More Sleep?

Hadley Seward Do female athletes need more sleep? Female athletes face different challenges than our male counterparts. Women are more likely to sustain sports-related injuries than men . We experience hormonal fluctuations throughout the month that can affect how our bodies build or break down muscle. And, as it turns out, we have different sleep

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5 Exercises To Improve Your Sleep

Catherine O’Brien Sleep, like exercise, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is no surprise that there is a wealth of research on the link between exercise, sleep and performance. The aim of this article is to shed some light on the scientific relationship between exercise and sleep and to highlight five types

Balancing Sleep & Exercise

4 Tips for Balancing Sleep & Exercise

Gillian White, HBSc, MSc, PhD (C) One element of our training regime that is critical to making training gains and performing better in all aspects of life, from muscular strength and endurance to learning and memory, is sleep. This is the time when our body’s organs that have been on demand all day have time

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Exercise, Airways, and Sleep Apnea Prevention

Gillian White, H.BSc., M.Sc., PhD (C) University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences As previously discussed in the recent “What’s keeping you awake” article, both acute and chronic exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality. In a study using older adults (ages 50-76), sleep quality was shown to improve by 34%, sleep latency (how

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Is Quality Sleep a Predictor for Sports Injury?

Hadley Seward – certified sleep consultant and certified health coach Getting enough sleep should be a priority for everyone–for physically active people, it’s especially important. Lack of sleep can slow reaction time and make you less alert–but does it also mean you’re more prone to injury? There have been several studies examining the link between

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Out Sleep Your Opponents: The Effect Of Sleep On Performance

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Knufinke, M. et al. . As you probably know, working out when your tired is not fun. That you do not work as hard when you are exhausted is probably something you could have

Exercise Induced Sleep Improvements

Julia Basso Getting a good night’s rest is important for so many aspects of our lives including our overall sense of wellbeing.  The fact that we spend on average 33% of our lives sleeping is an indicator that sleep must serve a very important purpose.  Not surprisingly, research has shown that a variety of physiological

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7 Tips to Get You Sleeping Again

Hadley Seward – certified sleep consultant and certified health coach 7 Tips to Get You Sleeping Again Picture this: it’s 4am and you’re awake. No matter what you try, you cannot fall back asleep. Sound familiar? Insomnia — which includes difficulty falling asleep at bedtime and staying asleep throughout the night — is the most common