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Rehabilitation & Recovery

Allowing your body time for recovery is a vital element of your health and fitness regiment. When our joints and muscles have rest periods, they are using this time for the strengthening and endurance building that amount to being “in shape”. Not allowing for any recovery time increases the likelihood for injury.

Rehabilitation from injury is crucial for managing your body’s recovery. Do too much or doing too little can impact your body in ways that may hinder your ability, in the long run, making a healthy lifestyle increasingly difficult to maintain.

Recovery and Rehabilitation Tips:

If you are injured and getting back into your fitness routine, here are a few of our best recovery and rehabilitation tips:

  • See a physical therapist: If you are in a recovery period from any sort of injury, our top recommendation is to see a physical therapist. They will be able to assess the severity of your injury and work with you to customize exercises that are unique to your injury.
  • Yoga: Yoga is great for recovery and rehabilitation. It increases motor coordination and restores some amount of functional ability. In addition to this, yoga is also a proven stress reliever and decreases stress levels while elevating a sense of well-being. Depending on woman stretching hamstringwhere you are in your recovery and the status of your injury, your body could benefit from doing yoga to alleviate the symptoms of your injury and aid in a fast recovery time.
  • Protein: Getting enough protein in your diet is important for muscle recovery and strengthening, which helps to ward off injury.

Do We Really Need A Cool Down After Exercise?

Hunter Bennett I can picture it now. I finally manage to get to the end of a grueling training session, and I start preparing myself to settle down and do some light stretching, before immediately racing home to eat my bodyweight in food. Then I hear the words: “Come on, get up – don’t forget

The Risks and Causes of ACL Injury and How You Can Prevent Them

Hunter Bennett When it comes to improving athletic performance (and general health for that matter), there is nothing that derails your progress more than an injury. While many injuries can be trained around in some capacity, they often result in the cessation of improvement, an inability to both compete and perform certain exercises, and an

An Alternative Approach to Sports Injuries

Dayton Kelly An Alternative Approach to Sports Injuries Virtual reality devices have flooded the gaming and entertainment markets. Advances in realism and affordability have stolen the hearts of consumers, increasing their commonality in homes. While it has certainly attracted the eye of the public, virtual reality has also struck the interest of exercise physiologists.

3 Natural Remedies for Sore Muscles

Alyssa Bialowas There’s no better feeling than the rush you get after a great workout, but that night or the next day, your muscles may not be as pleased. Fitness related muscle soreness (also known as DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness), is caused by micro-tears in the muscle tissue that occur during intensive exercise.

The Screening That May Predict Sport Injuries

Ryan Cross, Physiotherapist The risk of injury is present in all sports and activities.  The cause of injury can sometimes be difficult to pin point because in most cases it is multifactorial.  There are many reasons that can lead to the onset of sports injuries, making prevention of injury challenging.  If there are ways

8 Crucial Dynamic Warm-up Exercises | FastTwitchGrandma Fitness Tips & Tricks

Dynamic Warm-up or Functional Stretching is crucial to each training session. In order to increase strength and power output, it is best to start with dynamic stretching and leave the static stretching for post-workout. Dynamic warm-up usually comes after a general warm-up or light cardiovascular activity. Here are a few exercises that could be

7 Key Exercises To Prevent Shoulder Injuries

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Have you ever had difficulty reaching up to the top shelf or doing an overhead lift? Most people have encountered a shoulder injury or know someone who has dealt with shoulder pain.  The shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury because

Postpartum Lower Abdominal Exercises Part 2 | FastTwitchGrandma Fitness Tips

Forever Fit Science presents Lower Abdominal Exercises for Postpartum or major pelvic surgeries (I.e. hysterectomy, cesarean delivery etc): 1. Bilateral leg raise with stability ball Reps: 12-15 Regaining core strength stage: 1 min rest Advanced: 20 secs rest (set up for next exercise) 2. Leg Extensions Reps: 12-15 Regaining core strength stage: 1 min

7 Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

Ryan Cross, B.A. Hons (Kin), MScPT, FCAMPT Registered Physiotherapist in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada Running is one of the most common activities that people participate in to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Running injuries happen regularly and evidence suggests that 40-50% of runners experience an injury on a yearly basis (Fields, 2010).  These injuries

The Truth Behind Static & Dynamic Stretching

A Review by Alyssa Bialowas Effective stretching techniques used by athletes offer vital benefits to their competitive performance, such as flexibility, increased range of motion, injury prevention, and the prevention of muscle soreness prior to or following exercise. Stretching techniques used by athletes, trainers, or coaches include ballistic, static and dynamic stretching. During ballistic stretching

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