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Exercise Programs

The best exercise programs are ones that leave us feeling invigorated and produce the best results for both physical and mental long-term fitness. This can be different for everyone depending on your age and ability, but once you find what works for you the benefits of an exercise program can be great for health and longevity.

Types of Exercise Programs

Crossfit- The Cross fit workout program focuses on high-intensity training and functional movements with the intention of training muscles, joints and ligaments for full body toning and fitness.

Yoga- Yoga is extremely popular for both it’s physical and mental health benefits. Yoga provides excellent resistance training, muscle toning, posture and also increases blood flow and

Couch to 5K- This exercise program helps new runners build endurance and increase their mileage until they are able to run 3.1 miles. It’s great for someone starting out with running!

There are many more workout programs available and you may find that designing a custom exercise program with a personal trainer is best to suit your individual needs.

Plyometric Training Exercises & Agility

Hunter Bennett When it comes down to improving athletic performance, we often think about enhancing our training to maximize speed, power, and strength – which makes sense, as each of these plays a key role in improving our physical capacity. But one key quality that often gets forgotten is agility. What is agility? Agility is

What Does CrossFit Do to Your Body?

Hunter Bennett As far as the world of exercise science goes, there tends to be a lot of research on most common training modalities – which is obviously a good thing. You see, it is this research that allows identifying what style of training we should use to elicit a specific type of

Exercise & the Prevention of Spinal Stenosis

Hunter Bennett Over the last decade or so, we have seen an increase in exercise driven rehabilitation and prevention strategies for several disorders and illnesses. Many of these strategies have been shown to be extremely effective at not only reducing the likelihood of the disease but also acting as a potential treatment to reduce

The Best Exercises for a Strong Foundation

Foundation is set to carry or support any load that is placed above it.  The stronger the foundation, the better the performance within each sport respectfully or sport specific training. In sprinting, a great foundation leads to a more powerful and faster athlete. The stronger an athlete is, the more force they will be

A Trick To The Foundation Of Youth?

Julia C. Basso The hypothalamus is an almond-sized structure that sits in the lower, middle portion of the brain.  It consists of a variety of different nuclei that regulate different aspects of behavior including thirst, hunger, body temperature, fatigue, sleep, and circadian rhythms as well as parenting and other attachment relationships.  The hypothalamus produces

The 4 Best Core Activation Exercises | Forever Fit Science

Our core strength is just as important as the central nervous in terms of their purpose. Our core allows the rest of body to function or move as stable and efficiently as possible. Look at it as a generator or light switch; you can’t see unless you turn it on. If your core is

7 Spring Fitness Tips For Outdoor Interval Training

Alyssa Bialowas Spring is an exciting time to re-motivate and align your health and fitness goals as you can finally get outside and put a halt to your indoor gym routine that was starting to lead you down a path of demotivation. Here are some tips for spring training and avoiding injury as the weather

TRX for Climbers: An Affordable Training Tool

Glancing at the scabrous backs of my hands as I type, it’s obvious to me that climbing season is ramping up. This is a wonderful time of year for many reasons. First, rock climbing is cheaper than skiing, so I’m looking forward to my paychecks going farther. Also, my chances of suffering a life-altering knee

Find Your Rhythm Through Hula Hooping

Gabrielle Revlock Edited by: Julia C. Basso, PhD Rhythm is the brain’s bread and butter. In fact, neurons fire together in rhythmic patterns called oscillations. These brain rhythms keep time, allowing us to track time and space, understand where we are in the world, and learn and remember information about our experiences. When we

Short Sprint Hurdle Drill | FastTwitchGrandma Sprinting Tips & Tricks

Short sprint hurdle drill is an excellent drill to help promote proper cycling. It is especially useful to help with poor knee drive and heel recovery, both imperative for longer, more frequent and powerful strides. Set up 20-30m acceleration zone. 8-10 x 8-12 inch hurdles evenly spaced apart. Beginners: 6 foot lengths apart. Faster

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