Improving Cognition Through Exercise - Part 2

Improving Cognition Through Exercise – Part 2

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, Post-doctoral Research Associate, New York University, Center for Neural Science Improving Cognition Through Exercise – Part 2 During the aging process, a variety of changes occurs within the brain. These changes include decreases in neurogenesis or new neuron growth, detriments in the vasculature surrounding the brain tissue, and deterioration in the

The Sprint to Slow-Down Brain Decline

Contributed by Sara Thompson, MSc, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Human Physiology Research Unit, University of Toronto As we learned from a recent FTG post by Fiona Callender, exercise can improve the cognitive decline that occurs with age. In her article, Ms. Callender highlighted the use of resistance training to improve cognitive function in patients

Brain Growth with Exercise

Brain Growth with Exercise

Contributed by Julia C. Basso, PhD, Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Center for Neural Science and New York University Brain Growth with Exercise The hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped structure located in the medial (middle) temporal lobe, is a brain area involved in learning and memory.  This structure is essential for the formation of our long-term memories as