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The majority of exercise and health media and research focus on the quantifiable elements of why we exercise: what workouts make you the strongest, how to most effectively lose weight, the effects of exercise on disease risk reduction. And while nobody would argue that these aren’t extremely important questions to be answered in research and passed on to the public through journals like this one, there’s a certain sterility to them. At Forever Fit Science we aim to deliver quality content in meaningful ways to people of all abilities and ages.

ForeverFitScience Advice:

We offer an extensive library of articles from industry professionals, covering topics like boosting athletic performance, how diet affects your exercise, and how exercise improves cognitive functioning. We are always adding new articles and do what we can to remain on the cutting edge of health and fitness research and discovery!

Menopause and Sleep

Hunter Bennett Menopause is commonly considered to be one of the most trying times in a woman’s life. A time of vast change, it comes with a number of unique effects that can make even the most menial of tasks seem like a real challenge. Interestingly, there is even some evidence to suggest that it

The Risks and Causes of ACL Injury and How You Can Prevent Them

Hunter Bennett When it comes to improving athletic performance (and general health for that matter), there is nothing that derails your progress more than an injury. While many injuries can be trained around in some capacity, they often result in the cessation of improvement, an inability to both compete and perform certain exercises, and an

Keeping on Track: Minimize Weight Gain During the Holidays

Hunter Bennett There are very few things quite as exciting as the Thanksgiving period. The opportunity to catch up with family, get away from work, and simply sit back and relax, is something that all Americans look forward to on a yearly basis. But it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Something that often comes with

How Core Strength Effects Athletic Performance

Alyssa Bialowas What is Core Strength? Your core is a complex series of muscles that extend far beyond your abs and is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. Strong core muscles act as isometric or dynamic stabilizers for movement; transfers force and can initiate movement on its own. Why is Core

Should I Let My Child Play Football?

John Barry Football is America’s favorite sport right now. The NFL is by far the most popular, even though it has received a lot of bad press lately. No, I’m not talking about taking a knee during the national anthem. I know my wheelhouse, and the complexities of social/political ideologies are not my strong

The Journey Through Injury Recovery

Grayson Fertig Injuries happen. Having a plan already in place is the key to getting back to where you were and maybe even beyond. Trust that your body wants to heal, know that your body is pre-wired to repair itself, and believe that the work you’re doing is part of your journey and not

The Mindset of Injury Recovery

Grayson Fertig It’s wild to see Tiger Woods back at the top of golf. Not because a comeback never happens, but because I have a sense of the resilience this man has. And I realize that he must also be spiritually brilliant. Back in the day when he was Tiger he was an athletic

Are Plant-Based Protein Drinks Effective for Exercise Recovery?

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2018, most notably Meghan Brown (UNIVERSITY OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM). Protein supplementation has been repeatedly demonstrated to speed and enhance muscle tissue recovery. This has important implications in preserving muscle mass in elderly individuals as well

The Best 3 Stretches to Improve Athletic Performance

Hunter Bennett Over the last few years, the use of self-myofascial release treatment modalities to enhance the range of movement has increased tenfold. This increase in use has also coincided with the publication of some research demonstrating that static stretching may result in reduced power output and associated declines in both physical and athletic

4 Signs of Arthritis

Ryan Cross, Physiotherapist Most people know someone affected by arthritis or have symptoms of arthritis themselves. Often people will relate aches and pains to arthritis without even getting diagnosed. Arthritis is something that happens to us as we age, but some people will develop pain. On average, people will have symptoms for over 7

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