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Exercise-induced affect (EIA) is a cycle that includes various characteristics of physical activity and is often composed of positive affect, negative affect, tranquility, and fatigue (Crussemeyer et al., 2017). EIA has been explored in the recent past but has focused on mainstream land sports such as running, walking, and cycling. It has been determined that physical activity has a positive impact on a person’s well being, and has a significant impact on a person’s psychological state. Affect can be described as the positive or negative feelings created by a specific stimulus. In the physical activity/exercise domain, the affect model consists of two axes, valence (pleasure-displeasure), and activation (arousal-sleepiness). This model suggests that exercise is capable of regulating mood due to energetic arousal and the reduction of tense arousal.

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The Study

Several studies have investigated the effects of exercise on affect, and found that single, acute bouts of exercise have been shown to increase positive affect, tranquility, and positive well-being while decreasing negative affect, depression, and anxiety. No research has been found pertaining to the influence of board sports on affect.

This study examined the effect of a single 30-minute surfing bout on EIA in 107 adult volunteers. In addition, researchers sought to determine if a change in affect was similar based on surfing history, surfing frequency, and surfing skill level. To assess EIA, each participant completed the Physical Activity Affect Scale (PAAS) prior to and immediately following the 30-minute surf session.

The Results

The results of the study indicated that a 30-minute bout of surfing significantly increased positive affect and tranquility, and decreased negative affect and fatigue in participants. The greatest increases were found in positive affect and fatigue.


The results of this study are consistent with existing literature surrounding EIA regarding the effects of short, acute bouts of exercise. Varying types of exercise and summer sports activities should be considered to promote physical literacy and improved psychological states. Positive affect and tranquility occurred post-surfing while decreasing negative affect. The psychological benefits associated with surfing should not be overlooked. 

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