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Squat Preparation Exercises

Maximizing your mobility before doing squats can help you get the most out of the exercise. These exercises should be done before your squat workout as a warm-up.

Day 1

Mobility & Strength

Ankle dorsiflexion strength and mobility can help you move in and out of the bottom of the squat with ease and stability.


Kneel in front of a wall and move your knee to the wall. Move as far away from the wall as possible, keeping the heel on the ground. Hold 30-60 seconds


Lift your toes off the ground and turn your foot in slightly. Hold 10 seconds, 10 times.

Runner's lunge

Day 2

Hip Stretch

Proper hip mobility is required to perform a squat without compensating.  Cross one leg in front and the other leg extended behind and push your hip out. Hold 30-60 seconds.

Hip Stretch

Day 3

Back Extension

Squatting with a rounded back can lead to injury. Maintain the natural curve in your spine by promoting lower back extension. Repeat 10 times.

core stretch

Day 4

Upper Body Mobility

Upper body positioning is often over looked when performing a squat.  It is important to be able to keep your shoulders back during the squat.  Open your shoulders up by moving your arms back up against a wall and slide them up as far as comfortable.  Hold 30-60 seconds at the top.

Upper body mobility

Day 5

Hip Mobility

Place your leg on a step or a bench and move your knee left to right to improve hip mobility at the deeper positions of the squat.

Squat warm-up

Day 6

Deep Squat

Move gently as far as possible into a deep squat to place each joint into maximal end range of movement. Hold on to a pole if needed to assist getting in and out of this position.  Doing this before your squat can maximize your mobility and allow you to squat easier. Hold 30-60 seconds.

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