Partner Exercise Tips

Working out with a partner can keep you motivated, accountable and makes the workout more enjoyable. Grab a buddy and make it fun. Combining all of these exercises and performing 10-20 reps 3-4 times is prescribed.

Exercise 1

One Leg Balance Pass

Standing on one leg, pass the medicine ball to your partner. Make sure to alternate feet and direction of throw.

partner medicine ball workout

Exercise 2

Tricep Kick Back

As your partner holds a band, lean over and do tricep kick backs against the resistance.

partner tricep exercise

Exercise 3

Step Back Lunge

Perform a step back lunge while your partner passes you the medicine ball. Pass it back as you stand up.

partner medicine ball lunge workout

Exercise 4

Medicine Ball Core Pass

Sit back to back and pass a medicine ball back and forth on alternating sides working your core.

partner ab workout

Exercise 5

Theraband Squat

Each person holds one end of a band and alternate a squat with raising your arms overhead.

partner theraband workout

Exercise 6

Push Ups with Clap

Perform push ups and at the top, give your partner a high five. This will add a core strengthening component to your workout.

push up with a clap