Medicine Ball Exercises

A medicine ball can provide a unique twist for your workout. The medicine ball is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for multiple exercises including full-body or targeted workouts.

Exercise 1

Push Ups

Perform push ups with one hand on the ball and roll the ball to the other hand with each repetition.  The uneven positioning forces you to engage your core and targets different parts of the shoulder girdle.

medicine ball push up

Exercise 2

Plyometric Ball Throw

Use the medicine ball for plyometric exercises to develop speed and power.  Lie on your back with the ball at your chest, press the ball and throw the ball in the air and catch it softly as it comes down.

Medicine ball throw

Exercise 3

Squat to Overhead Press

Use the medicine ball to get the full body involved in an exercise.  Hold the ball for your squat and add an overhead press at the top of the squat.

medicine ball push press

Exercise 4

Core Twist

Sitting with your feet off the ground, move the ball from one side to the other. Make sure to keep your core tight and engaged to avoid back slouching. Lift your feet higher to make the movement more difficult. 

Medicine ball twist

Exercise 5

Wall Toss

Stand beside a wall and bounce the ball off the wall.  As soon as you catch it, toss it again.  Keep your core engaged and don’t forget to breathe during the exercise.

Medicine ball throws