Lunge Variation Tips

The lunge is a great lower extremity exercise. Varying the technique helps to target each muscle in a slightly different way; avoiding a plateau in strength gains and keeps your routine interesting.

Day 1

Step Back Lunge

Keeping your front foot planted, step back into the lunge position. This will challenge your balance and target the posterior chain.

Front lunge

Day 2

Front Foot Elevated on Foam Roller

Place your front foot on a foam roller and do a static lunge.  The unsteady surface requires extra work for the muscles, especially the inner quads, to keep your knee stable. 

Foam roller lunge

Day 3

Rear Foot Elevated Lunge

 Place your back foot on a ball or bench and do a static lunge.  This will work the quads and glutes harder on the front foot and stretch the hip flexors on the back leg.

Bosu Ball Lunge

Day 4

Lunge with Torso Rotation

Step forward into a lunge position. At the bottom of your lunge, rotate to the right and left. To progress, hold a weight or a medicine ball.

lunge with torso twist

Day 5

Side Step Lunge

Step to your side as far as comfortable and squat down. This will help keep the inside part of your thigh flexible and make your glutes work harder.

Lateral lunge exercise

Day 6

Step Back Cross Over Lunge

Step back and across your body into the lunge position.  This will target the glutes.

Ice skater lunge

Day 7

Banded Knee Tracking

Wrap a band around your knee and tie it so that the band pulls the knee  in.  As your do your lunge, make sure to keep the knee tracking over top of your ankle.

lunge with theraband