Exercise Band Exercises

Perfect for traveling and on the go workouts, the exercise band can be used for plenty of different exercises.

Day 1

plie squat

This exercise activates multiple important muscles that help control movement in the lower extremity during functional tasks.  The tibialis posterior, quadriceps, and gluteal muscle groups are working when you do this exercise.  Squeeze a ball between your heels as your rise up on your toes.  Keep your knees bent and turned out slightly to  maintain the ball between your heels. Hold 5-10 seconds and repeat 12 times.

plie squat

Day 2

Overhead Shoulder Strength

The rotator cuff plays an important role in shoulder function.  Overhead activity can put strain on the shoulder.  Strengthening the rotator cuff in the overhead position can prevent injury and improve your over head lifts.  Hold a band with the hands and elbows on the wall.  Stretch the band apart and slide your hands up the wall.  Hold 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

shoulder strength exercise

Day 3

Gluteal Activation with Lunge

Keeping the knee in line with your ankle is important when performing the squat or lunge.  Injuries can happen when the knee falls in with these types of activities.  Make sure this does not happen and strengthen your glutes by wrapping a band around your knee when you do a static lunge.  The band will pull your knee in, but you need to use your glutes by turning your knee out and tracking it over your ankle. Do 3 set of 15 reps.

glute activation exercise

Day 4

Shoulder Self Mobilization

The mechanics of the shoulder joint involves a posterior glide as your arm moves up overhead.  When your shoulder gets stiff or injured, this glide is limited and the movement feels stiff and sore.  To help restore this glide and decrease pain with overhead movement, wrap a band around your shoulder and pull the band back and around your back.  This will facilitate the posterior glide as your lift your arm up. Do 8-10 reps 3 times daily, or before any over head exercise at the gym to maximize your shoulder mobility.

shoulder mobilization exercise

Day 5

Weighted Balance Exercise

Single leg exercises can help improve balance.  Adding weights and movements outside your base of support will challenge your balance even more.  Hold weights in your hand and stand on one foot.  Keep your upper body and pelvis steady as your reach your foot out and lightly tap down and return to the start position.  Do 15 reps and repeat on the opposite side.

weighted balance exercise