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The Trick Stress Plays on Your Metabolism

Gillian White - BSc, MSc., PhD Candidate A sheep in wolf’s clothing: The mean trick stress plays on your body’s metabolism. University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences For most people reading this article, it’s a no-brainer to say that stress is bad. What stress is an why it’s “bad” is a little bit hazier.

Mental Fatigue Can Affect Your Workout

Catherine O'Brien There is a wealth of research that demonstrates the positive effects of exercise on physical, mental and emotional life domains. In this way, exercise improves our ability to: Cope with subsequent stressful events Helps us maintain a positive mood Can increase performance on cognitively demanding tasks Research in the field of sports

Exercise Now To Handle Stressful Situations Later

Catherine O'Brien Every day we encounter stressful situations. Whether it be a presentation to a supervisor at work, a particularly challenging exam, or an uncomfortable conversation with a friend or loved one, stressful situations surround us in all domains of life. There has been extensive research on the role of stress is in causing

Exercise Program For High Blood Pressure

Sara Thompson - M.Sc. in Exercise Science The Workout 4 Essential Activities: Aerobic High-intensity Strength Balance 4 Specific Exercises: Daily living (such as moving a weight from one place to another) Balance  Proprioceptive exercises Upper body resistance exercises *Each exercise was performed for one minute, followed by two minutes of walking and one minute

A Midday Cardio Session May Make You A Better Worker

Catherine O'Brien Author Catherine O'Brien and co-workers at lunchtime boxing class! The lunchtime workout is becoming more and more popular. Many people are foregoing the trip to the salad bar or sandwich shop and instead opting to eat on the run or at their desk so they can squeeze in a midday sweat

Work Your Body And Mind To Combat Stress

Sara Thompson - M.Sc. Exercise Science In today’s fast-paced world, work accounts for the majority of stress in the United States (Aitkens et al., 2014). Stress leads to numerous mental and physical consequences such as irritability, depression, difficulties sleeping, pain, as well as numerous stress-related diseases (Wolever et al., 2012). In addition to these

3 Reasons You Should Hit The Yoga Mat

Gillian White - MSc., University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences Recently, I wrote a couple of articles about the mindfulness craze that we seem to be experiencing in our society these days. In Part II of the Mindfulness series, I gave a few ways to incorporate mindfulness into your life. To anyone who

A Healthy Dose of Neuroticism

Catherine O'Brien A Healthy Dose of Neuroticism The development of the 5-factor theory of personality, often deemed “The Big Five”, dates back almost 30 years. The theory, as discussed in Digman’s review of the model, holds that there are five major dimensions used to describe human personality- Openness, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Extraversion and Neuroticism. Within

Is it as Simple as a Walk in the Park?

Gillian White , BSc, MSc, PhD (candidate) Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto Is it as Simple as a Walk in the Park? Earlier this summer, I ran a trail half marathon. I like running, but the course is challenging with 1600m vertical change so you really need to train well. Unfortunately for

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