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Do Masters Athletes Need Specific Nutrition?

Evan Stevens Nutrition. It’s a topic that stirs debate at every mention. One day you can look in the newspaper and see an article discussing the benefits of high protein diets on weight loss, the next will have an article saying that high protein diets can cause kidney damage. You bump into someone who

Protein Intake For Masters Athletes

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP There is robust evidence supporting that master athletes (40 years and over) can benefit the same as younger individuals in response to various type of exercise. These benefits include but not limited to aerobic/aerobic capacity, lean mass (i.e. muscle mass and bone mineral density), strength and power, which can slow down the

These 92 Year Olds Will Change Your Life

Meet Sid and Dotty. We caught up with these two competitors at the 2017 Huntsman Games in St George, UT. Sid and Dottie are only months apart in age and still highly competitive in the track and field events. Sid - at 92 years young is competing in his 30th Huntsman Games. After years of

Creatine Supplementation For Mature Athletes

Creatinine for more than just body builders? Muscle building in old age. Dayton Kelly The following was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Kaviani, M. et al. [Canada]. Creatine supplementation has been widely praised for its ability to enhance muscle building and strength in

Functional Decline in Aging: Exercise and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Julia Basso - PhD Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are naturally occurring, volatile molecules located within our bodies and brains.  They are also known as free radicals because they contain a “free” electron that is available to pair with another electron, thus giving them their volatile qualities.  ROS include oxygen, peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide, to

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