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Hydration For Hockey Performance

Moji Kaviani, Ph.D., CEP Ice hockey is a team sport that requires players to have strength, power, anaerobic sprint ability, and endurance successful (Emerson, 2017). The game itself is characterized by intermittent, high-intensity bouts of skating which require players to rapidly accelerate and change their speed and direction continuously while executing a variety of skilled

A Taste Of Sugary Drinks May Improve Athletic Performance

Dayton Kelly SUMMARY: High carbohydrate drinks improve short term performance (<1 hour) when swished in the mouth without swallowing (Burke & Maughan, 2015). Swallowing may increase performance benefits, but at the risk of discomfort during performance (i.e. nausea, bloating). Current research suggests high carbohydrate drinks improve performance through altering the perception of fatigue rather than

Stopping To Drink: Is It Worth The Time?

Dayton Kelly This article was adapted from a combination of speeches given at the European Sports Science Conference 2017, most notably Lewis James PhD (Loughbrough University, UK). Research in dehydration and exercise has long been clouded in uncertainty despite athletes having been observed to lose three to four liters of water an hour exercising

Effects of Alcohol On Your Workout

Gillian White - MSc, PhD (C), University of Toronto, Department of Exercise Sciences Is a post-workout social getting in the way of your training? One of the major areas of study in exercise science in both research and as an active person, is learning how to get the most out of your workout. How

Coffee: Fitness Friend or Foe?

Adriane Cook B.S. Kinesiology, Michigan State University www.balancewithme.com Nothing quite unites a country like its love for coffee.  People will stand in unusually quiet lines to purchase it, cram into hobbit-size buildings to enjoy it, and will high-five a stranger once (and not a moment before!) the sweet caffeine nectar touches their lips. So

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