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Meet Our Co-founder Grayson Fertig

Meet a master, and Forever Fit Science co-founder, Grayson Fertig! Grayson is a former member of the U.S. national bobsled team, so he knows a thing or two about training, staying in shape, and where you can best put your efforts to reach your goals. Watch the video to learn more about what he thinks

Mastering the Rowing Stroke

Dayton Kelly Mastering the Rowing Stroke or Tackling Technique on the Rowing Ergometer If you are anything like me before I started rowing, you are probably thinking to yourself, what is there to know about rowing? It’s easy, you just sit down and pull. And you would be right. It is that simple to

4 Essential Exercises

Dayton Kelly Essential to the development of any strong training plan is the concept of muscular symmetry: following a training program that excludes certain muscle groups promotes injury and leads to a plateau in progress. This is especially relevant when strength training and is part of the reason we should lift weights. People who

Get in the Zone: Heart Rate Monitoring

Dayton Kelley The Fast Twitch Grandma readers are well-informed individuals after having explored our website. Our readers know that exercise offers a bounty of physical and mental benefits including extended life expectancy (Lee, et al., 2012). They understand that reaching these advantages can be done in a variety of ways: long distance endurance training,

So You Want To Be A Sprinter? – Ebook Edition

Evan Stevens So you want to be a sprinter; be prepared to work at it. While all humans are born with innate ability to “sprint” (due to biological fight or flight responses), the ranges of ability vary greatly. Some people are destined for Olympic and world championship greatness. Some will never achieve more than the

Counting Calories May Prevent Overeating

Dayton Kelly As we all know, the food we eat has an enormous impact on our body weight and health. Obesity is highly related to the onset of numerous chronic diseases and the risk of many diseases can be largely mitigated by improving one’s diet and exercising. Understanding how our body responds to eating

Thoughts From Grayson: Joy and Momentum

Grayson Fertig Dear Forever Fit Sciences, As I read across the massive amount of blogs, post, studies, articles and books related to the field of health and wellness I continue to be impressed by how many good ideas are out there.  For sure some ideas are better than others and some ideas are better

Loosening Up Your Cough With Salt Rooms

Dayton Kelly Salt Rooms Alternative health therapies have been rapidly growing in popularity in the western world. With the emergence of these novel, non-traditional remedies, it becomes difficult to know which of these are evidence-based approaches to medicine and which are not. New to the medicinal market is Halotherapy, a salt based therapy more

Laughter Yoga – The Next Big Thing

Dayton Kelly Why Laughter Yoga may be your next big thing A new type of yoga is fast emerging in fitness studios across north American: laughter yoga. Laughter Yoga is a variation of regular yoga in which participants are encouraged to laugh, even if they do not find anything funny. The class proceeds similarly

Thoughts from Grayson: The Long Haul

Grayson Fertig   Training Strategy for the Long Haul The first 4 weeks Create for yourself a strategy-driven approach to physical readiness.  Think in terms of 4 week periods.  Develop your intensity across 3 weeks and use the 4th week for active recovery.  Train 3 times per week with the focus building off of Day

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