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4 Ways to Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety

Alyssa Bialowas Competition anxiety is common in athletes, especially if they struggle to deliver performance. It’s the feeling of stress and pressure right before a competition that can be harmful to athletes and if it’s bad enough, can even lead to an athlete dropping out of a competition altogether. With the high amount of

Everyday Tips To Be More Mindful

Gillian White - MSc, PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto Mindfulness Part II. Everyday tips to be more mindful. As I discussed in the previous article, Mindfulness Part I, the pursuit and practice of mindfulness has a wide variety of benefits relating to your health, happiness, and productivity. In this day and age, where your

Muse: A heart rate monitor for your head

A Review by Hank Shell I’m all about mindfulness, y’all. If you’ve read my columns, you know this. If you haven’t, then that’s your misfortune. Anyway, mindfulness can have all kinds of wonderful health benefits, as I’ve so graciously pointed out in the past. Not only can it improve our mood and ability to regulate

Use Mindfulness To Weather the HIIT Storm

Hank Shell So, you’re giving this High Intensity Interval Training thing a shot. Good for you! Really. It’ll pay off in the long run. But, oh yea, also, HIIT IS HARD. That’s the point, of course. High intensity, high reward. Still, it’s a little easier to motivate for a quiet run through countryside than it

Go Forth & Be Mindful

Hank Shell Well, folks, 2017 is drawing to a close, there’s still no natural snow in my neck of the woods, and suffice it to say that spirits are dwindling here in the sere and barren mountains of San Miguel County, Colorado. Well, perhaps there’s a bit of holiday cheer going around, if you’re into

Boost Creativity With Meditation

Catherine O'Brien What is meditation? According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, meditation is a mind-body method that utilizes various techniques to unify the mind and body. Meditation can involve focused attention and / or mindfulness. Research and practitioners support the fact that meditation enhances feelings of calmness, physical relaxation and psychological

The Surprising Benefits of Meditation

Julia C. Basso, PhD Using Meditation to Enhance Attention, Emotional Regulation, and Self-Awareness Here at fasttwitchgrandma.com, we are a group of people who love to exercise and are interested in the beneficial effects of exercise on the brain and body.  Most of us, however, cannot (and do not want to) devote our entire day to

Exercise and Sleep Quality – Sleep Series Part 4

Gillian White, MSc., PhD (Candidate), University of Toronto, Graduate Department of Exercise Sciences Sleep Stats And General Information - Sleep Series Part 1 Sleep Physiology - Sleep Series Part 2 Sleep And Health - Sleep Series Part 3 Exercise and Sleep Quality – Sleep Series Part 4 There is lots of research that shows improved

Work Your Body And Mind To Combat Stress

Sara Thompson - M.Sc. Exercise Science In today’s fast-paced world, work accounts for the majority of stress in the United States (Aitkens et al., 2014). Stress leads to numerous mental and physical consequences such as irritability, depression, difficulties sleeping, pain, as well as numerous stress-related diseases (Wolever et al., 2012). In addition to these

SXS Health Challenge: A Long-Term Lifestyle Change

Gillian White  – MSc, PhD Candidate, Department of Exercise Sciences, University of Toronto Making lifestyle changes that stick A conversation with the creators of the SXS health challenge In a previous article, I detailed my experience of participating in a health challenge that included a combination of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. In general, my

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