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Do Younger & Older Brains Respond Differently To Dance?

Aga Burzynska, PhD Dance – as a ritual, therapy, and leisure activity – has been known for thousands of years. Today, dance is increasingly used as therapy for cognitive and neurological disorders such as dementia, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease. Yet, the effects of dance training on the brain, such as in young professional dancers, are poorly

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Dance Harmony In Woodstock

Julia C. Basso, PhD Remember Woodstock?  If you went to the 1969 festival or not, Woodstock, NY (though not the actual site of the Woodstock Festival) is still a thriving artist’s community.  This town of ~6,000 people is a mecca for artists, musicians, writers, dancers, and many other vibrant bodies.  If you have not been

Dance And Neuroscience

A Conversation Between Dance And Neuroscience

Julia C. Basso, PhD Dance and neuroscience may seem like two distinct fields, but Jody Oberfelder, director, choreographer, and filmmaker, knows that they intersect in intricate ways.  Her recent work, The Brain Piece, just had its world premiere at New York Live Arts from June 28th to July 1st.   She notes that, “The Brain Piece

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Cultivating Meaning Through Improvisational Dance

Julia C. Basso, PhD I just returned from the annual Movement Intensive in Compositional Improvisation (MICI) led by a dance company known as The Architects.  This group is composed of four wonderful women and mentors of mine, Katherine Ferrier, Lisa Gonzales, Jennifer Kayle, and Pamela Vail.  This group developed out of another group known as

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Exercise After Menopause: What You Need To Know

Menopause is one of the most significant events in a woman’s life, and with it comes several changes that can affect function. Moreover, the post-menopausal period comes with many health considerations that can have a profound impact on one’s life. However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. See, many of the negative factors that occur

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Michelle Obama Has It Backwards: You Should Train Harder After Menopause

A recent interview with Michelle Obama that was published on has been doing the rounds on social media over the last few days – which is pretty concerning. Not because we have anything against Michelle, but because we fear the comments made may be taken the wrong way by the broader health and fitness

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Stop Taking Loans on Your Health

Over the last few years “hustle” culture has embedded itself into the lives of people across the globe. However, while the drive to work yourself to the bone in your twenties, thirties, and forties to set yourself up in your later years may have a positive impact on your financial situation, it is likely to


New Research on How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Now

People are currently living longer than ever before – and while you would be hard pressed to find someone who thinks this is bad thing, it does come with its own unique set of challenges. Namely an increase in the risk of developing several age-related diseases, with one of the most common being Alzheimer’s disease.


Best Time to Work Out Based on Sleep Animal

Should you work out at night, mid-day, or morning based on your sleep animal: Lion, Bear, Dolphin, or Wolf? Most people seem to think that waking up early and “getting after it” with a solid workout is the best way to start the day. But what if I told you that this is simply not


What Is the Hype About Antinutrients and Are They Harmful?

Ask and they will agree that fruits and vegetables are some of the healthiest foods on the planet – and for the most part, they would be right. They are full of vitamins and minerals, contain an abundance of healthy fiber, and as a bonus, they often come with a potent portion of antioxidants. What’s

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Why people in “Blue Zones” Live longer

It is estimate that between 20 and 25% of your longevity is dictated by your genes – which means that more than 75% is dictated entirely by your lifestyle factors. And while research has given you some insight into how you can alter your lifestyle to maximize your lifespan and mitigate the aging process, they

Obesity and COVID-19

Does Obesity Increase Your Risk of Coronavirus?

We are currently living in a pretty interesting time. Inundated with bad news stories on every channel, isolated from the outside world with no real social interaction, and completely unable to get the gym and train – it sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. But it’s not. Its real, and it’s happening